neologism. noun. A newly coined word or expression


A sample assortment of neologisms

pleoneiria. noun. A sensation of wellbeing when waking up from a pleasurable dream one does
not quite remember.
antipheretion. noun. A strong sense of being different from all other family members.
transdetiss. noun. A threshold through which a caprice enters and a disillusion exits.
abiowarp. 1. noun. The unique behavior of cables and wires to entangle themselves without
human or animal intervention.
plasmattrition. noun. An illusion of seeing someone else in one's own reflection.
plebony. noun. The twisted sympathy a plebe feels for celebrities who have it all.
onyo. noun. A legitimate child born from a clandestine adultery of the mother.
provanescence. noun. An image, color, sound, smell or sensation that is perceived faintly and
slowly by the senses or memory and suddenly is perceived in its entirety.
psoricret. noun. A secret nobody can keep secret.
eumyth. verb. To believe that a fantasy, a myth or a lie is true, forged by the hammering blows of
uckloid. 1. noun. A person who frequently is told to go and fuck himself.
eumenity. noun. A precautionary negative answer a husband gives to a question from his wife,
when he anticipates potentially adverse consequences to a positive response. Examples: Did you
see that gorgeous woman? Do I look bad in this dress? Do you think I am fat?